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Roy Bevan’s Story

Roy Bevan’s Story

Roy quits his 90-a-day habit and buys himself a motorbike!

The only thing that Roy Bevan will be burning this summer is rubber - after he quit his 90-a-day smoking habit and bought himself a motorbike!
The 49-year-old father of two from Margate lost his job after a series of knee operations that put him out of action for months. Already a heavy smoker, Roy found that his habit increased due to being at home all day.
One day while waiting for his physio appointment  at the hospital, Roy got chatting to in-house hospital stop smoking adviser Cathy. Roy saw Cathy once a week and was prescribed Champix to help with cravings. “Cathy monitored my CO levels, talked me through what might happen and together we set a quit date. I haven’t smoked since. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t met Cathy that day I’d still be a smoker. I’d never have made it without her help.”

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